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Titgemeyer UK Ltd are a Made in the Midlands Gold Member

Who we are

Titgemeyer (UK) Ltd was established in 1995 and is part of the International Titgemeyer Group of Companies. As a group we specialises in two distinct areas - Fastening Technology and Truck and Trailer Solutions. As specialists in the use of a variety of different fasteners as well as being a major player in the HGV / Truck & Trailer body market, we are able to use our experience and knowledge to  effectively deliver a broad product portfolio to customers.

Our goal is to provide a complete application engineering service by paying close attention to the technical requirements of our customers. We have made the concious decision to not only offer products from our own manufacturing facilities but also products from other partners. There is an optimum product for each application and we work with our customers, suppliers and industry partners to identify the ideal solution which delivers the required functionality and value. As a package, we are able to offer a service which combines the requirement for consumable fasteners or truck and trailer components, applications and assembly enginnering and a logistical solution. The Titgemeyer Group supports a wide variety of different customers including large organisations with mass production manufacturing operations, such as the automotive industry, to the local distributor who only requires small quantities.

Here in the UK, the Titgemeyer Group consists of two  companies: Titgemeyer (UK) Ltd, and Baker & Finnemore Ltd. Baker & Finnemore Ltd are responsible for production of group manufactured parts, such as the STARLOCK Push on Fastener and the LockBolt Pin and Collar Fastening system. And here at Titgemeyer (UK) Ltd, we take the responsibility for all UK Sales Operations and bring together the group product portfolio in a single place within reach of existing and potential customers.


Services Titgemeyer UK Ltd Provide

Areas of expertise

Manufacturing of pressed components & press tooling

One of the stars in our product range is world renowned Starlock Push on Fastener which is produced in our group factory located in Birmingham. We also produce bespoke pressed components and press tools to meet customer drawings or application needs.

Manufacturing of cold formed components

Boasting industry beating performance our LockBolt Pin and Collar Fastening System is manufactured at our group factory located in Tipton. We can also produce a variety of bespoke cold formed components.

Fastener Distribution

Our ethos is to offer the right part for the right job. We offer a range of fasteners from our own production (TIFAS) and from key industry partners. The range is extensive and includes brands such as POP Blind Rivets, TUBTARA Blind Rivet Nuts.

Fastener System Assembly Solutions

For our range of fastening systems we offer a comprehensive range of assembly solutions. These include hand-held tools and assembly stations made in the Czech Republic by our sister company Rivetec and other industry leading tools we distribute.

Truck & Trailer Components

A big part of our Group activity is supply to the truck/trailer or HGV body industry. We are key players in this sector and offer a huge range of products which are used in every conceivable application from the chassis up on commercial vehicles.

Application Engineering

To put it simply, we are not catalogue salesmen. We strive to understand the function and requirements of our customer's applications and in doing so ensure we offer a component which is fit for purpose and which adds value.

The Titgemeyer UK Ltd Team

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